after thinking about it for a while I’m still very unsatisfied with the end of the Section 31 plot line because a lot of characters acted really shitty during it and were never really called out

spoilers under cut

- Like, first of all, everyone stayed best buds with Admiral Ross after Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges?!!! What the heck!! Sure maybe they didn’t have the power to get him in trouble but Sisko was never even a little bit angry or resentful at him! He asks Ross to preside over his wedding! Ross does hugely illegal and unethical things for Section 31 in that episode and he never faces any consequences more severe than a lecture from Bashir. JUSTICE FOR KIMARA CRETAK! im pissed off

- Tbh I’m not convinced that anyone in Starfleet except Bashir ever really cared about bringing down Section 31???

- It was strongly implied that the upper echelons of Starfleet were perfectly aware of Section 31 and it probably wsn’t a ‘rogue’ oganization at all. This is really disturbing but again, no one but Bashir and Odo thought maaaybe there was an ethical dilemma in continuing to work for Starfleet.

- In the second to last episode, Sisko condones genocide against the Founders. And we never see him recant this. What the fuck. And in the end, the cure was pretty much used as leverage to gain unconditional surrender, wasn’t it? That is so, so disturbing.

- in conclusion, I now have to deal with the fact that the Starfleet we see in this plotline is pretty much the same Starfleet of Voyager and anything else set post-Battle of Cardassia. That Starfleet secretly works against its allies and uses biological warfare against its enemies, and no one takes issue with this if the stakes are high enough. I know I’ve said before that I appreciate DS9’s darker tone, but honestly, this is not the kind of show I want Star Trek to be, ever.

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